Quest To Find Best Chems Track Ever Is Complete! So what's the best Chemical Brothers track of all time? What a terrible question. It would be very difficult to pick one track above all others. However, over the last few months Planet Dust has been trying to establish just that. We began in September 2001, trying to find out what is the fans favourite track from "Exit Planet Dust". "Life Is Sweet" was the narrow winner. The October poll asked what was the fans favourite track from "Dig Your Own Hole". "The Private Psychedelic Reel" topped the poll with 22% of the vote. The November poll asked fans to vote for the best track on "Surrender". "The Sunshine Underground" topped the poll with 23% of the vote. Finally in December, the poll looked at fans favourite non-album tracks (excluding remixes). "Morning Lemon" topped that poll, with 40% of the vote. Then, over the course of January and February we put those four winners up against each other, to see which of the four tracks Planet Dust visitors would vote as the best Chemical Brothers track of all time. The winner was "The Private Psychedelic Reel", which received 44% of the vote. See full breakdown of results in the charts below.  

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