Review of The Chemical Brothers "Glint" DJ Set, Heaven, London, 7th December 2001, by Mike Wilcox

Last night (Friday) saw Das Bros DJ at Heaven in London and what acracker it was. When we eventually got in it was pleasing to find out that the Glint room was in 'The Soundshaft' - a double decker room in the bowels of the club with a capacity of about 450. Exactly as it should be.

Got in about midnight to hear Davy Dex's classic 'Get on Down'and the like until about 12:30 (already well over an hour into the set) we got 'Come With Us' into 'Song To The Siren' and the pace quickened. Big records, as always, included Kittens & Muzak, The Jag, Kahuna mix of Animated's 'Grab The Rope' & 'Hayling', 'House Nation', that amazing Impulsion tune off the Hotmix, the house record with Gregorian Chants I can't remember the name of, and they finished with 'Star Guitar' into 'The Test' at 3:30.

Except they didn't. The Dave Clarke rmx of Chemical Beats started and pounding house was the order of the day - Nathan Detroit (I assume it was he) did some mixing along with the bros who hung about till 5:30 - 2 hours over schedule!


I was impressed with the punters who were dancing away all night with full commitment, the small and not too-packed venue and the way the Bros seemed to really enjoy the night like everybody else. See you down the front for the next one..