Below is a collection of Chemical Brothers memorabilia. If you have anything interesting to submit (e.g. old ticket stubs, flyers, posters) mail scanned images to us.

[ In October 2004, the Chemical Brothers played live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is the ticket from that gig, submitted by Fernando De Marco ]

Chemical Brothers - Mexico City - 2002

Chemical Brothers - Mexico City - 2003

Chemical Brothers - Mexico City - 2004

 [ The Chemical Brothers have made several appearances in Mexico City over the last few years. These are ticket stubs from appearances in 2002, 2003 and a cancelled date in October 2004. Thanks to Nico, Mexico, for the scans. ]

[ In October 2003, The Chemical Brothers DJ'ed in Mexico City. Above are two promotional posters for the event. Clicking on both images will open up full sized JPEG posters of the images. ]

[ Promotional poster for the Chemical Brothers DJ appearance at the Los Angelus Audiotistic Future Sound Festival on Saturday 18th October 2003 ]

Chemical Brothers Tour 2002 - Australia & New Zealand
[ promotional poster for Australian & New Zealand live gigs, March 2002 ]

[ promotional poster for Chemical Brothers gig, Lyon, France, June 19th 2000 ]

[ promotional poster for "hey boy hey girl" ]

[ promotional poster for an event advertised as "a night in from of the big speakers", at Dublin's Point Theatre, Ireland. The event took place during the June Bank Holiday weekend, 1996. Leftfield headlined the show, as part of their legendary Leftism tour, known for its stunning bass adventures. The Chemical Brothers however played an absolute stormer of a set, with "Chemical Beats" being one of the highlights. Click on the poster above for a larger image. ]

[ the next visit of the Chemical Brothers to the Point Theatre, Dublin was in November 1997, where Carl Cox provided the warm up tunes. The above image is a ticket stub from that gig. The gig was part of their promotional tour for "Dig Your Own Hole", and much of the set contained tracks from DYOH. ]

[ this was The Chemical Brothers sticker which came as part of "The Private Psychedelic Reel" limited edition single release ]

[ ticket receipt from The Chemical Brothers gig at Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia on 10th January 2000. The Chems played a "mind blowing" set on the night. Ticket stub submitted by Sue Horton. ]

[ in August 1999, The Chemical Brothers played the Benicassim Festival in Spain. The official poster for the event is above, and a ticket stub for the same event is below. Both submitted by Chiry, Madrid. Also below are the posters for the same festival for 1998, 1997 and 1996. The Chemical Brothers played live at the festival in each of these years also. Thanks to David V, Barcelona, for these images.]

[ ticket stub from The Chemical Brothers gig at Palacio de Deportes, Barcelona, Spain on 22nd October 1999, which the Chems played as part of their "Surrender" tour. Thanks to David V for scan. ]

[ ticket stub from The Chemical Brothers gig at Plaza de Toros La Cubierta, Madrid, Spain, on 23rd October 1999, which the Chems played as part of their "Surrender" tour. Thanks to Chiry for scan. ]

[ the above scans are from the Lowlands Festival, Netherlands, on 29th August 1999, where The Chemical Brothers were one of the headline acts. Thanks to Toxic for images. ]