Ever been at a Chems gig and been blown away by the stunning visuals? One of the key aspects of Chems live performances are the visuals. The Chemical Brothers don't have a "front man" to focus on during the performance, like a Keith Flint or a Bez, and with Tom and Ed usually hidden behind massive banks of equipment, the visuals are always a crucial element of a Chems live show.

The Chemical Brothers visuals are created and produced by Vegetable Vision, a London based partnership, consisting of Adam Smith and Noah Clark.

Vegetable Vision specialize in creating imagery for a very wide client base from the music industry through the fashion business to corporate events and create a theme or mood through the use of projected imagery of an abstract or representational nature, from a small interior installation to large scale outdoor projections on buildings. While a lot of visual creators use computers to generate their visuals, Vegetable Vision tend to rely more on films and projectors. As well as doing the visuals for all The Chemical Brothers gigs, they have made a music video for 18 Wheeler. Adam and Noah work closely with the Chems when they are planning new tours.

Vegetable Vision are heavily influenced by the famous Light Surgeons, and they themselves went on to influence Lazy Eye, who do the visuals for Death In Vegas.