The Planet Dust website went live in August 2001. The following is a list of updates to the site since then.

27th January 2005 - "Push The Button" & "Galvanize" entries in discography further updated.
26th January 2005 - "Galvanize" discography entry updated with US CD tracklisting.
25th January 2005 - Discography updated with "Galvanize" and "Push The Button" details. Site also moved from old hosting service to new host in Switzerland.
23rd December 2004 - Extra UK & German live dates in May/June 2005 added to intelligence and live sections. Slight amendment to Sao Paulo setlist also made.
10th December 2004 - More 2005 gigs added to intelligence and live sections.
7th December 2004 - Grammy nomination news plus German and Japanese live dates added to intelligence. Dates also added to live.
6th December 2004 - Error in Paris gig date for February 2005, corrected in intelligence and live sections. Amended setlist from Sao Paulo, Brazil gig in October.
5th December 2004 - Review of Rock En Seine festival in October added to features. Updated the setlist from Chile gig thanks to Rodrigo Carrasco Huerta who was able to get a more accurate setlist from an audio tape of the gig. Also updated Argentina setlist thanks to Gabriel Alejandro Rojo, also based on an audio recording. News of French and Australian gigs in 2005 added to live and intelligence.
23rd November 2005 - News of Dublin, Ireland, live date in March 2005 added to intelligence and live.
17th November 2004 - News of album tracklist, collaborators plus more live dates in 2005 added to intelligence. Live section also updated with new dates.
31st October 2004 - New album and single details added to intelligence.
27th October 2004 - Setlist and photos of Santiago, Chile gig added to intelligence and live sections.
25th October 2004 - Review of Buenos Aires gig added to intelligence and features.
22nd October 2004 - News of New Years Eve and Bugged Out! DJ nights added to intelligence, along with tracklisting and photos from recent Sao Paulo gig.
10th October 2004 - News of "Big Day Out" 2005 appearances added to intelligence and live sections.
3rd October 2004 - Intelligence updated with news of Chems nomination at the 2004 DMAs, South American live dates plus cancelled Mexican dates. Also ticket stubs of three Mexican appearances added to posters/flyers section.
10th September 2004 - Electronic Battle Weapon 7 details added to intelligence and the discography. Further news pieces added to intelligence.
14th August 2004 - News of Tim Burgess onstage with The Chemical Brothers added to intelligence.
25th July 2004 - Discography altered, with thumbnail images added on main discography page for album and single releases. New sound samples for the "Slow" remix and "Get Yourself High" remixes added to the discography. The Away from the Planet section has been updated, improving the layout and adding some new links.
23rd July 2004 - "Let It Slide" Promo CD details added to "Let It Slide" discography entry, plus Australian version of "Come With Us / The Test" added to said discography entry. Modified intelligence menus (inc. adding new news menu at top of page for quick viewing of "headlines") and broke out 2003 news into separate archive from current 2004 news.
20th July 2004 - Review of Oxegen, Ireland, festival appearance added to intelligence.
27th June 2004 - Glastonbury appearance details added.
2nd May 2004 - More summer festivals added to intelligence.
6th April 2004 - Error regarding Wolverhampton appearance corrected (actually a live Chems show, not a DJ set).
5th April 2004 - News of DJ appearance in Wolverhampton added to intelligence.
2nd April 2004 - Chems appearance at the Fuji Festival added to intelligence.
26th March 2004 - News of Chems playing Lowlands Festival, Netherlands, Dancestar awards and a new Glint night added to intelligence.
20th March 2004 - Added US version of "Get Yourself High" to discography.
18th March 2004 - News of Chems DJ appearance in New York added to intelligence.
14th March 2004 - Glastonbury 2004 details added to intelligence.
21st February 2004 - Details of Chemical Brothers festival appearances in Ireland and Miami added to intelligence.
9th February 2004 - News of the Chemical Brothers addition to the T in the Park 2004 bill added to intelligence.
27th December 2003 - Added Dust Brothers remix ("Realize")  to the discography and changed name of Swordfish track which was incorrect.
23rd December 2003 - Details of DJ set in Florence added to intelligence.
23rd November 2003 - Some alterations to the discography (fixed EBW1/2 error; added Kylie Minogue remix; added sleeve image to "Get Yourself High" entry plus added tracklisting for promos). Added details of Kylie Minogue remix to intelligence
9th November 2003 - Details of how the "Get Yourself High" video was made added to intelligence, also details of MTV Awards performance. New wallpaper added to downloads.
5th November 2003 - Fan review of DJ set at Audiotistic 2003 in Los Angelus added to features.
31st October 2003 - More news on The Chems DJ set on New Year's Eve added to intelligence.
30th October 2003 - Planet Dust front page colour scheme altered to display "Get Yourself High" theme. Fliers added to flyers section and home page updated with some Chems news, and layout slightly improved. Also fixed error with the contact email address on some pages.
29th October 2003 - More details of "Get Yourself High" added to the discography and intelligence. Also news of The Chemical Brothers DJ'ing at Turnmills, London on New Years Eve 2003.
12th October 2003 - Added details of streaming "Confront Your Demons" mix to discography and intelligence, plus details of "Get Yourself High" single" added to intelligence.
4th October 2003 - Discography updated with tracklisting of Japan releases of "Singles 93-03" and "The Golden Path". Also extra label images of "My Mercury Mouth" and "Song To The Siren" added to discography. "Confront Your Demons" tracklisting also added. Intelligence updated with new "Directors Label" DVD collection and appearance at MTV Awards. Away from the Planet updated with new links.
21st September 2003 - Live section and intelligence updated with new US DJ dates. Discography updated with "Golden Path" tracklisting amendments. "Main" page also updated, including poster for California festival appearance.
13th September 2003 - Live section completed revised with all live dates since 1997. Webmaster email address changed to us, due to spam issues with old address. "Where Do I Begin?" promo sleeve added to discography.
30th August 2003 - New desktop wallpaper added to the downloads section. Details of Promo releases of "The Golden Path" added to discography, also track times on disk one of "Singles 93-03" added. Details of "Where Do I Begin" promo update in discography.
9th August 2003 - More additions to the discography, including some rare promo releases, plus album box sets.
8th August 2003 - Further updates to catalogue numbers in the discography, from older Chems releases. Also addition of sleeve artwork from "The Golden Path" (thanks Toxic). Also news of Chems DJ appearance in Barcelona added to intelligence.
25th July 2003 - Discography updated to include "The Golden Path" and "Singles 93-03". Intelligence updated to mention details of "The Golden Path" DVD. Downloads section also had new Wallpaper by RND added.
11th July 2003 - Artwork for "Singles 93-03" added to intelligence.
10th July 2003 - Tracklisting for the "Singles 93-03" added to intelligence, as well as details of Chems appearance at Creamfields, plus a Gondry DVD. Interview from Creamfields website added to features section. A new wallpaper added to the downloads section by Nick Wittering also.
21st June 2003 - News of a DJ tour of the US and possible live collaboration with The Flaming Lips added to intelligence.
9th June 2003 - Further details of Flaming Lips and K-Os collaboration added to intelligence, plus new desktop wallpapers added to downloads section.
30th May 2003 - Chemical Brothers appearance at Glastonbury confirmed in intelligence. Also launched new Chemical Brothers "Intelligence Update" mailing list.
25th May 2003 - Details of possible Chemical Brothers appearance at Witnness published in intelligence.
19th May 2003 - Further details of "The Singles 93-03" added to intelligence.
5th May 2003 - News of Chemical Brothers compilation album added to intelligence.
25th March 2003 - News of K-Os collaboration published in intelligence.
17th March 2003 - History section revised and updated.
16th March 2003 - Revision of discography completed. Added in all Ariel releases. Added in sound samples from American EP,  Japanese version of "Come With Us" single, plus "Dope Coil" and Daft Punk's remix of "Life Is Sweet". Also revised main page to include recent Chems news and site news.
14th March 2003 - Several more entries in discography revised with additional promo details and catalogue numbers, and rearranged in newer discography format
12th March 2003 - Intelligence updated again with details of The Chemical Brothers' DJ night at London's Fabric club. Also revised "Star Guitar" entry in the discography.
11th March 2003 - Updated intelligence with news of Chems DJ appearance at Homelands 2003. Also continued update of the discography, specifically revising promo release details and catalogue numbers. 
28th January 2003 - Intelligence updated with news from Tom Rowlands that the Chems are going to collaborate with The Flaming Lips. Also revised more of the discography.
21st January 2003 - Updated "Electrobank" and "The Private Psychedelic Reel" entries in the discography, with more comprehensive details, including promotional releases.
20th January 2003 - Began major revision of the discography, with more comprehensive entries. These include adding more promo versions of releases, and international versions. Also changed the layout the each discography entry slightly, removing the catalogue number from the top of each page, down to each tracklisting. Discography changed on all releases up to "Dig Your Own Hole". Later releases will be altered over next couple of weeks. Also added in new link on the away from the planet section (Invisible Agent link). Also updated intelligence.
11th December 2002 - Updated intelligence with more news on the "Glint" night in London. Also updated many catalogue numbers in the discography, as well as adding in some extra non-UK/US version tracklists.
1st December 2002 - Added in sound samples for three tracks in the discography ("Electronic Battle Weapon 6", "H.I.A", Pete Heller's 303 Dub mix of "Star Guitar" and Beth Orton's "Daybreaker").
30th November 2002 - Added "American EP", "Exit Planet Dust / Dig Your Own Hole Double Pack" and "Come With Us Japan Only EP" to discography. Updated history section with 2001/02 information. Updated intelligence with Winter 2002 news. 
4th May 2002 - Intelligence updated with news of a possible new Summer single from the Chems.
1st May 2002 - Coachella Festival review added to features section of Planet Dust.
28th April 2002 - Intelligence updated with news of The Chems chart position in the UK.
26th April 2002 - Added second review of the Austin gig to the features section. Also updated the Illshit / Mailing list page.
24th April 2002 - Added live review of Austin, Texas gig to the features section.
23rd April 2002 - Added live reviews from Chicago and New York to the features section. Revised the "Come With Us / The Test" tracklistings in the discography
12th April 2002 - News of Chems remix album and new Beth Orton collaboration added to intelligence.
11th April 2002 - Irish & French dates added to live and intelligence. Added poster of Ontario gig to live section. Moved Aus & NZ poster to flyer section. Added revised "Come With Us" single tracklisting to discography & intelligence. Also archived the intelligence 2001 news into new 2001 news archive page, to allow faster loading time for intelligence page, and make it easier to navigate.
31st March 2002 - News of Mexico & V2002 gigs added to intelligence and live sections. Added NME review of Portsmouth gig to features section, and also review of Brixton Academy from Mike Wilcox. Updated home page.
24th March 2002 - Added new links to Away From The Planet section. Also added New Order & Chemical Brothers "Here To Stay" to discography.

17th March 2002 - Extra tour and summer festival dates added to intelligence and live sections.

12th March 2002 - Live review of Chems gig in Auckland, New Zealand on current tour added to features section.
10th March 2002 - News of T In The Park, recent live gigs and "Come With Us" single added to intelligence.
3rd March 2002 - News of "Come With Us" single added to intelligence, and also to discography. Also new poll launched to find best Chems video ever, and results of quest to find best Chems track ever announced in intelligence
27th February 2002 - Audio sample of "Come With Us" Fatboy Slim remix added to intelligence and discography. Fixed bugs with two old streaming files in discography (Primal Scream / Jailbird & Dave Clarke / No One's Driving).
26th February 2002 - Added EZ Board Discussion Forum to site, as the request of site visitors. Added Dotmusic Dance Music News ticket to intelligence.
24th February 2002 - Gave the website aesthetics a comprehensive update. This includes using Veranda 8pt font throughout the site (10pt in places for some of the longer articles), in place of the old Book Antiqua 10pt. Also redesigned the front page, into a more visually pleasing introduction to the site. Altered the "Planet Dust" banner at the top of each page, and the footers on each page.
23rd February 2002 - Extra North American tour dates added to intelligence and Planet Dust Live.
14th February 2002 - Planet Dust Competition launched.
10th February 2002 - New "My First Time" story added to features section.
5th February 2002 -  Added Pulse magazine interview with the Chems to the features section, along with links for two BBC interviews. Also added news of "Come With Us" topping UK album charts, Eve collaboration & Coachella 2002 to intelligence.
29th January 2002 - New Order Vs Chemical Brothers details added to intelligence along with "Come With Us" initial album sales. Also extra tour dates added. Added Remix Magazine interview with The Chemical Brothers to features section.
28th January 2002 - Review of "Come With Us" launch party added to the intelligence and features sections, and also images.
27th January 2002 -  New Live section added to Planet Dust. Also added Charlatans V Chemical Brothers single to discography, plus audio samples.
23rd January 2002 - News of Chemical Brothers appearance on XFM added to intelligence.
22nd January 2002 - Added NME review of "Come With Us" to discography.
21st January 2002 - "Star Guitar" debut single chart position details added to intelligence.
20th January 2002 - Fixed problem with streaming audio samples, by moving all samples to different server. Added Muzik and Q reviews of "Come With Us" to discography. Added article about "Exit Planet Dust" making the Muzik Top 50 Dance Albums of all time to features section.
12th January 2002 - Muzik vote "Exit Planet Dust" as 2nd Best Dance Album of all time, check intelligence for more info. Also dotmusic review of "Come With Us" in the discography
10th January 2002 - Added NME review of "Star Guitar" to discography and intelligence.
9th January 2002 - Added new search facility to Planet Dust. Also news of live Japanese dates and more info on Amsterdam gig (thanks Toxic!) added to intelligence. Also better label image of "My Mercury Mouth" added to discography (thanks Lx!). 
8th January 2002 - Electronic Battle Weapons added to discography (thanks Jeff for label scans & info).
7th January 2002 - Added scanned image of "Song to the Siren" 12" single to the discography. Now have sleeve covers of every Chemical Brothers single released on Planet Dust.
6th January 2002 - Scanned images from Lowlands Festival, Netherlands, 1999, added to flyers section (thanks toxic!).
5th January 2002 - "Star Guitar" video back on website. Go to "Star Guitar" section of discography to play (Windows Media Player required).
3rd January 2002 - News of The Chemical Brothers Ultimate DJ set and Johnny Moy supporting the Chems on tour is reported in Planet Dust intelligence.
2nd January 2002 - NME XMas Dust Up 1994 mix tape added to discography. Another ten audio samples of Chemical Brothers remixes also added to the discography
27th December 2001 - Nine Chemical Brothers desktop wallpaper files added to downloads (thanks Darren!). Restructured About Planet Dust, Site Updates and Home page layouts and content, to make it faster and easier for users to find the information they require, and to have less clutter on pages, particularly on the Home page.
24th December 2001 - Added in 11 new 60 second sound samples of Chemical Brothers remixes of other artists to discography. Also added ticket stub from Chems gig in Madrid, 1999, to flyers section (thanks Chiry!).
21st December 2001 - News of extra Tour dates, "Star Guitar" DVD & next Glint session added to intelligence.
19th December 2001 - 50 more audio samples added to the discography. Click on any track in the discography which is hyper linked to hear 60 second sample of the track. More to be added very soon. Also added more Benicassim posters to flyers section (thanks David V!). Also updated list of contributors to Planet Dust.
16th December 2001 - Added poster and ticket stub for Benicassim Festival 1999, at which the Chems played (thanks Chiry!).
15th December 2001 - Added audio samples of "Base 6" and Pete Heller remix of "Star Guitar" to "Star Guitar" section of the discography.
14th December 2001 - Began adding audio samples to tracks in discography. Added news of "Star Guitar" video to intelligence; plus interview with Tom & Ed from 1997 to features section; extra reviews of "Surrender" and "DYOH" to discography.  
8th December 2001 - Review of "Glint" DJ set in London last Friday added to intelligence and  features sections (thanks Mike!).
7th December 2001 - UK Live Dates added to intelligence.
4th December 2001 - News of European live dates in 2002 added to intelligence
2nd December 2001 - Added in interview with Tom from 1997 to features section, plus added in additional reviews to several old releases in discography
1st December 2001 - News of extra New Year's Eve DJ set, plus Spanish live dates, added to intelligence.
27th November 2001 - Added new US "my first time" story to the section of the same name (thanks Sawyer!).
21st November 2001 -
"Star Guitar" single tracklisting added to intelligence.
17th November 2001 -
Updated discography with improved layout, and also added some extra sleeve covers (thanks Alexander!).
13th November 2001 -
News of B-Side of "Star Guitar" added to intelligence.
12th November 2001 -
Added review of Chems at Big Day Out 2000, Melbourne, Australia, to features section (thanks chem keith).
11th November 2001 -
Modified layout and navigation of intelligence section, and this index page to make more user friendly. Also some minor additions to some singles in discography. New Planet Dust poll started, to try and find out fans favourite track on "Surrender". 
7th November 2001 -
News of Chemical Brothers playing at Turnmills, London on New Years Eve, as well as OutKast and Eve collaborations, added to intelligence.
4th November 2001 -
Added review of Chemical Brothers DJ set at Centro-Fly, New York this weekend, to the features section.
3rd November -
News of Pete Heller's remix of "Star Guitar" added to intelligence.
1st November 2001 -
Added new Australian "my first time" feature to section of the same name (thanks chem keith)
30th October 2001 -
New Chems single release details added to intelligence.
28th October 2001 -
Added new Downloads section, in response to several requests for the Dust Mites font. Hope to add other Chems related downloads over time to this section.
26th October 2001 -
New album details added
New album details added
21st October 2001 -
More news on the new album now available...added to intelligence
7th October 2001 -
Added Australian review of "Exit Planet Dust". Also added "Afrika" news to intelligence.
6th October 2001 - Story behind the cover of "Surrender" album is revealed, in new addition to the features section. Also have made some subtle updates to the discography section (thanks Jon). Added new reviews to the Afrika section in the discography, including a fan review for the first time (thanks PlasticEFX!).
22nd September 2001 - New "My First Time..." section added, plus updates to intelligence.
7th September 2001 - Added scanned images of "14th Century Sky" 12" to the discography section (thanks Taras!)
26th August 2001 - Loaded images of Tom and Ed to history section when they were DJ's at Manchester's Naked Under Leather.
18th August 2001 - Added info on Vegetable Vision, who produce the visuals at Chems live gigs, to features section.
17th August 2001 - Added "Afrika" promo CD sleeve image to discography. Also, added ticket stub of Chems gig in Sydney, Jan 2000, to flyers section.
13th August 2001 - Added in "Flyers" section, with Chems memorabilia, and also added extra Chems pics around the site. Added review of Chems live in Sheffield, UK, in 1999, in features section.
11th August 2001 -
Added in sleeve images of promos for "Setting Sun", "Electrobank", "Block Rockin' Beats", "Music: Response" and "Let Forever Be" in the discography.
10th August 2001
- Links to single and album releases in Discography section have been fixed. Links were pointing to the original files on my hard drive.