Song To The Siren

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Released 1993 (October 1992 as a green label)
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Song To The Siren 12" Sleeve
[ Label image is from green label released by The Dust Brothers themselves, before being put out on JBO ]

The Dust Brothers - Song To The Siren - Side A
[ Label image from full release on JBO ]

[ tracklisting ]
UK 12" 
Junior Boy's Own, JBO 10
 A1 Song To The Siren (4:49)
 A2 Song To The Siren (Sabre 100% Chunk Mix) (9:31)
 B1 Song To The Siren (Full Sabre Mix) (10:55)

UK 12" Promo
Diamond Records, DB'S 333
 01 Song To The Siren (x:xx)
[ information ]

Released as "The Dust Brothers", not "The Chemical Brothers". Was originally released as a green label by The Dust Brothers on their own Diamond Records label, before being taken by Andrew Weatherall and signed to Junior Boy's Own. Both remixes were done by the Sabres of Paradise.

"Song To The Siren" was made in Tom's bedroom, on a Hitachi hi-fi, a computer, a S1000 sampler and one keyboard with no effects. In the song they sampled the This Mortal Coil's Song To The Siren and Meat Beat Manifesto. It was released in 500 copies on 12" vinyl through Diamond Records (named after Ed's nickname), their own label. A hardcore act contributed on the other side. Tom would later say "We were taking it around to the dance shops down in London, and everyone said it was too slow and that no-one would play it. People laughed at us! Because it was only 111bpm".

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