"Do you remember the first time...??" So sung Jarvis Cocker a few years back in one of Pulp's more successful singles. He probably wasn't singing about the first time he heard a Chemical Brothers track, but nevertheless, that's the title of this section of Planet Dust.

This is an unusual collection of submissions from Chemical Brothers fans, which detail where they first heard the Chemical Brothers music or when they became fans of the duo. Can you remember your first time?! When was the first time you heard the Chemical Brothers music? Was it at a particular party or club? Did "Setting Sun" blow you away the first time you heard it on the radio? Does "Chemical Beats" bring back hazy memories of that little club you frequented when you were seventeen?

Why not let me know, and get your "first time" added to the collection below...email us with your experience, and I will post it on Planet Dust.

[ chakaiuu ] [ usa ] 

Ah, my very first time hearing the Brothers...i was about fifteen at the time. I few of my friends were into electronic music at the time and I was a complete novice, not even aware that music could be created without the use of live drums and guitars. I was over one of their houses hangin' out and music was playing as background noise, until a wailing synth groove caught my attention. I stopped the conversation and listened to it explode as the snappy hip hop style beats broke through the speakers. "What song is this? Who are these guys?" i asked. It was a long time favorite group of his called the Chemical Brothers and the song was Loops of Fury. I was amazed at how the song flowed and would build up, and surged uncanny images into my head without the use of a single word. I was simply mystified! later that day I bought Loops and Exit, and from then on all I listened to was electronic music. I eagerly awaited the release of their new album!

[ Sawyer Denning ] [ usa ]

I vividly remember my first time I heard the chemical brothers. I was about 7, I think, I was on my way to a Halloween shop to buy a costume in the car. I specifically remember there was no seats. The first song I remember hearing was "It Doesn't Matter" I really liked it, I guess I wasn't paying attention to the other songs on the track. I also liked "Don't Stop the Rock".Then we arrived there and it was over. On the trip back my mom just listened to Earth Wind And Fire. I asked my mom who it was and she of course replied, "The Chemical Brothers." 

So, I forgot about it for about 3 years until I rediscovered the album in her cd holder. I decided to listen to a few tracks. I liked it, but at the time I was a lot more into Fatboy Slim and Eiffel 65. After another year I tossed Eiffel (it became tiresome). I went back to chemical brothers and noticed a 2nd cd, "Surrender". I listened to a few tracks and left it. I would borrow it in and out for about another month until we got a cd burner drive I could never listen to all of the tracks, even in a month. I immediately copied both "Surrender" and "Dig Your Own Hole". Yes, the first time I listened to Setting Sun...It was intense. After 3 some months I bought a copy of "Exit Planet Dust". And to this day I love to listen to all albums and I now eagerly wait for the release of "Come With Us". I'm now 13, and only own all the original albums. It's hard finding single releases in America...

[ chem keith ] [ australia]

Well it was a nice Australian summer's night and that I loved going in the car and turning on the stereo and listening to the Top 40, but it was a night when absolute crap was on, basically. All of a sudden, a thunderest roar came over the radio. A super-heavy guitar riff that literally blow my ears away. The drums were awesome, the sampling was amazing and that I just needed to know who this was. It was something that I haven't heard before, it was so unknown, I didn't know who or what it was. The song finished, unfortunately. I wanted more, and I mean much more of this stuff. The radio DJ said, "Well, that was The Chemical Brothers', with "SETTING SUN"..". I couldn't believe it, I had no idea who they were, where they were from or what the hell was their genre called... This was back in the Australian summer of 1996. I was only bout 12 or 13, but I knew from that point on, I knew my world would literally be changed from that particular piece of wicked music. I am 17 now and that I will always be a huge fan of the Brothers. My Chemical collection is endless and that it will always stay that way... I got the amazing chance to see them last year @ the Melbourne, Australia, BIG DAY OUT festival. They were what I thought they'd be... MIND-BLOWING; just down-rite amazing. They closed the festival and that I just was in totally E heaven. And now with "Come With Us" is going to be released here soon, I can't hold my excitement in, and I'm gathering so are a lot of other huge Chemical fans...

[ Mia Hill ] [ usa ]

The first time I heard the Chemicals I wasn't really into it. I was sort of/kind of dipping into electronic music other than the industrial variety, but not familiar at all with this new genre I was discovering. I really didn't give them a solid listening until DYOH came out. I was working at Tower Records, and I had this little loft upstairs where I did displays for the store. I was torturing my assistant by playing a lot of KMFDM, old NIN, and Front 242 and another coworker came up to me and said, "Put this in your stereo, you just might like it." My assistant and I put the cd on and all these amazing sounds emitted from my little boombox sitting on my desk. I thought, "No way is it possible to get these kind of sounds! No way!" But all was kind of lost, as DYOH gave my assistant a splitting headache, and I just didn't want to endure the bitching and moaning of "turn it down" coming from other fellow employees working beneath my loft.

A few short months later I found out I was pregnant. I went on an extended leave of absence, and finally quit the record store job which meant I kind of lost my lifeline to hearing new mind blowing stuff. Still kind of broke, I didn't think to purchase the cd until much much later - until right before Surrender came out. By that time I was full on into re-discovering myself (long story) and one of the things that gave me so much joy: Music. I wanted to learn - so I opened up my ears once again. I was learning more about electronic music, trying to understand it, trying to figure out how computers and all the gadgetry could produce some of the most amazing stuff I've ever heard. I'm still trying to figure it out! ;) And I've spread the chemical gospel and introduced a lot of my friends to the joys of the Chems. The years 1997 through today have been an interesting voyage musically - I could say that the Chemical Brothers definitely influence what I listen to these days, but that would be kind of cheesy, right?

[ Generation 3000 ] [ usa ]

I remember I was trying to find things to play at a party.... all this kid had was a case full of 2Pac CDs and I was getting pissed... then I spotted "MTV Party To Go '98", which had maybe two tracks on it that I'd never heard.... including "Block Rockin' Beats"... the rest is history. I rented DYOH from the library for 5 months and still never had to pay any late fees (they thought it was lost, hehe).

[ John Allsopp ] [ uk]

I was in Bryherstones, a pub in Cloughton near Scarborough, UK one night when a bunch of dudes walked in and put "block rockin' beats" on the  jukebox. They bought a pint, then all congregate  around one of those bar  tables with a glass top and a video game inside... I think you had to navigate a balloon along a cave. Me & my SO had been playing it before. I'd heard the song before, but there was something about those dudes and the moment. Forever hooked from then on.