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intelligence report 23.12.2003    Chemical Brothers to DJ in Florence
The Chemical Brothers will DJ in Florence, Italy, on January 8th 2004. More details of the event can be found at


intelligence report 23.11.2003    Chemicals Remix Kylie
The Chemical Brothers have remixed Kylie Minogue's new single, entitled "Slow". The remix so far is only available on a Parlophone Records 12" promo (catalogue 12MINDJY006). 
intelligence report 09.11.2003    "Get Yourself High" Video
Get Yourself HighThe brilliant martial arts style video for "Get Yourself High", the new Chemical Brothers single, was directed by Joseph Kahn, as previously mentioned in Planet Dust intelligence. The video's effects and animation was provided by an American company called KromA. The video is composed entirely of footage gleaned from the 1978 Chinese martial arts film Shaolin yu Wu Dang (“Two Champions of Death”) except that the material has been altered so that, in addition to swords and knives, the characters wield vinyl records, microphones and headphones as weapons and appear to be singing the lyrics of the song. Get Yourself High, featuring vocals by Canadian rapper K-OS, is the second track released from the Chemical Brothers’ new compilation album Singles ’93–’03 on Virgin.

Kahn edited the video himself creating a condensed version of the kung fu thriller that makes an uncanny fit with the song’s narrative line. The track’s refrain, “Don’t rely on us to get you high,” becomes a mantra that an old sage chants to a young warrior before sending him into battle with a rival gang. The combatants are as much master DJs as martial arts experts so that in the final battle sequence hero and villain square off with giant boom boxes strapped to their necks.

KromA’s role was to integrate the computer-generated musical props into the 25-year-old film footage and to alter the faces of the characters so that they appear to be singing. For the latter, the studio used facial capture technology to record the lip, cheek and jaw movements of an actor reciting the lyric. The resulting data was applied to a CG head that, in turn, was textured, modified and blended with the film footage.

“We added custom controls to hit certain syllables such as P’s and U’s where the lips protrude because the facial capture software did not fully pick up the Z-space movement,” explained KromA visual effects supervisor and lead artist Bert Yukich. “We also animated the tongue and teeth which was necessary to make certain letters look correct.”

In some scenes, the film characters were themselves speaking, which meant that the footage had had to be further modified. Yukich used Elastic Reality to morph the film footage so that the jaw movement of the film characters matched that of the CG model.

KromA animators produced the records, microphones, headphones and boom boxes as CG models. (The mother-of-all-boom-boxes worn by the chief bad guy is an amalgam of features inspired by several real world systems.) The props were then integrated into the film scenes so LPs became deadly projectiles and headphones became the means of applying a death grip to a villain.

Yukich went to considerable lengths to get CG elements to blend with the old film footage. “The source material for the video was a DVD copy of the film chosen by Joseph because of its degraded look,” Yukich said. “The DVD appeared to be made from a poor quality dub and that was further degraded by DVD compression. I used a combination of 50 filters to replicate that look so that the CG appears to be a natural part of the film.”

Credits for KromA go to Bert Yukich, lead artist; Amy Yukich, executive producer. Credits for SuperMega/HSI go to Joseph Kahn, director.

Source: KromA

intelligence report 08.11.2003    MTV Europe Awards
On Thursday night last, The Chemical Brothers played live for the first time with The Flaming Lips, in Edinburgh, Scotland, as part of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2003. The Chems & The Lips played "The Golden Path" live, with samples of "Star Guitar" mixed in in the early portions of the performance. The Chemical Brothers played live on a stage erected in the Prince's Gardens section of Edinburgh, overlooked by the picturesque Edinburgh Castle.


intelligence report 31.10.2003    New Year's Eve 2003
The Chemical Brothers, as previously announced on Planet Dust Intelligence, are DJ'ing at their "homecoming" gig at East London’s Turnmills this year on New Year's Eve. The Chemicals were formerly resident at the Heavenly nights at Turnmills in the past, and have a strong allegiance to the venue. On New Year's Eve they will be headlining the Main Room with support from Justin Robertson, CJ Mackintosh, amoung others. 


TOGETHER NEW YEAR'S EVE @ TURNMILLS – Wednesday December 31 

Main Room 
Chemical Brothers 
Justin Robertson 
Gallery Residents 

Room 2 - City Loud Presents 
CJ Mackintosh 
Nic Fanciulli 

8pm - 6am 
£35 (Limited Adv tickets on sale from Nov 1) 

Info: 020 7250 3409 
Tickets: 08700 600100 
intelligence report 30.10.2003     "Get Yourself High" Video
The Chemical Brothers video for "Get Yourself High" is now showing on several satellite and cable music television stations. The impressive kung fu style video was directed by Joseph Kahn, whose credentials in music video directing include U2, Eminem, Moby and George Michael. For more info on Kahn, check out MVDBase.
intelligence report 29.10.2003     New Years Eve DJ Plans / Further "Get Yourself High" details.
The Chemical Brothers will be DJ'ing at Turnmills in London on New Year's Eve this December. More details in intelligence as they become available.

As previously reported in Planet Dust intelligence, the Chems are releasing "Get Yourself High" as a single in November. However, the single will now be released on November 24th, and not the 17th as previously mentioned. "Get Yourself High" features vocals from Canadian rapper K-OS and will be released as an extended, non-chart eligible EP. Released over double 12-inch vinyl and CD, it comes backed across the formats with "Electronic Battle Weapon 6", and remixes of "Get Yourself High" from Felix Da Housecat and Switch. "Electronic Battle Weapon 6" was previously released in 2002 (it is essentially a remix of "Hoops" on 12", and also on CD as part of the American EP.

The Planet Dust discography has also been updated with details of the "Get Yourself High" release.

intelligence report 12.10.2003     "Get Yourself High" to be released as single / "Confront Your Demons" Stream
The Chemical Brothers are set to release the second new track from their "Singles 93-03" compilation in November 17th 2003. "Get Yourself High" featuring Canadian rapper K-Os will be the new single, and will be released over two CDs and 12".

The Chemical Brothers released a Promo-Only Mix a few weeks ago, and this mix is now available to hear streaming over the web, via Listen to the streaming mix, which includes David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix along side the Chems and The Deadly Avenger. Tracklisting available in the discography section of Planet Dust.
intelligence report 05.10.2003     "Singles" Hits charts / Chems Videos appear on another new DVD collection / MTV Awards
The "Singles 93-03" charted in the UK at Number 9 last week in the album charts, but this week fell to Number 17.

The Chemical Brothers will make their very first appearance at the MTV Europe Awards in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 6th. The Chemical Brothers are nominated for the Best Dance Award, and are up against Junior Senior , Moby, Panjabi MC and Paul Oakenfold. The awards take place in the Ocean Terminal Arena in Leith. The Chems will play live with The Flaming Lips at the ceremony.

Michel Gondry DVDThe Chemical Brothers "Singles 93-03" DVD has just been released, but in addition to it, another new collection of DVD's is about to be released, called "The Directors Label", which will feature some of the Chems videos. The press release for the DVD collection is as follows: 

Palm Pictures in collaboration with Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham unveil The Directors Label, a unique director-created and compiled DVD series featuring music videos, shorts and commercials, and special features including interviews, alternate versions, unseen short films & documentaries, behind the scenes footage and commentaries from various featured artists and collaborators. Each release will be specially packaged and include a deluxe book full of never before seen photographs, storyboards, drawings and interviews. The Directors Label will debut on October 28 with the simultaneous release of The Work of Director Spike Jonze, The Work of Director Chris Cunningham and The Work of Director Michel Gondry.

Spike Jonze's feature films (Adaptation & Being John Malkovich) have demonstrated a unique sense of comedy and originality that can also be seen in his music videos: the Grammy Award Winning Fatboy Slim clip "Weapon of Choice" (Christopher Walken dancing through a hotel with wild abandon); Björk's "It's Oh So Quiet" (a Busby Berkeley-inspired song and dance); Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" (the band portraying multiple characters in a fictional '70s cop show);and Weezer's "Buddy Holly" (Weezer performing at Al's Drive-In on the set of Happy Days). The Work of Director Spike Jonze also includes three 30-minute-plus documentaries: Torrance Rises, the story of Richard Koufay and the Torrance Dance Community's preparation and eventual performance at the 1999 MTV Music Video Awards with Fatboy Slim; Amarillo By Morning, documentary about young rodeo riders in Houston, Texas; and What's Up Fatlip, a film about former Pharcyde member Fatlip.

French-born Michel Gondry is known for his visually groundbreaking imagery and re-interpretations of reality. A former drummer, his first collaboration with Björk for "Human Behaviour" (featuring Björk as a hunter who eventually winds up inside a bear's stomach), helped revive what was then a dwindling music video industry, and went on to win nearly every music video award. The project sparked a creative relationship between Gondry and Bjork, which led to five more videos. Gondry has also directed the Rolling Stones' "Like A Rolling Stone," Beck's "Deadweight" (set in a world in which everything is reversed); and Radiohead's "Knives Out" (featuring a life-size version of the Operation board game where Thom Yorke and his "girlfriend" play out the demise of their relationship), as well as videos for the Chemical Brothers, the White Stripes, Daft Punk, and the Foo Fighters amongst others.

Additional Directors Label volumes in the ongoing DVD series are slated for release in spring 2004.



intelligence report 24.09.2003     "The Golden Path" debuts in UK Chart
"The Golden Path" has debuted in the UK singles charts at Number 7. It is also Number 2 in the UK Dance singles chart.
intelligence report 21.09.2003     Four US DJ Dates
The Chemical Brothers have announced they will play four US DJ dates shortly, to help promote their forthcoming "Singles 93-03" compilation. The dates are as follows:

Oct 18 Los Angeles, CA, LA Sports Arena
Oct 21 San Francisco, CA, Mezzanine
Oct 22 Chicago, IL, Transit
Oct 24 New York, NY, Centro-Fly
AUGUST 2003  


intelligence report 09.08.2003     Three Album Box Set To Be Released
The Chems are to release a three disc album box set on 15th September 2003. The box set will include the "Come With Us", "Surrender" and "Exit Planet Dust" albums.
intelligence report 08.08.2003     Chems to DJ at Barcelona, Istanbul and a new Glint session!
The Chemical Brothers are to DJ at the Razzmatazz club, in Barcelona, Spain, on October 10th 2003. The Chems set forms part of the birthday celebrations for the club (thanks david V).

The Chems are also due to play Bughole 2003, at Solar Beach, Kilyos, Istanbul, Turkey, tomorrow, Saturday 8th August 2003. The Brothers are also set to play one of their famous Glint nights, at Turnmills, London, on Saturday 6th September 2003. Full details of the night:

63B Clerkenwell Road, London. EC1M 5NP
Capacity: 1000
Info: 020 7250 3409
Tube: Farringdon
NCP 24Hr Parking: £3 Bowling Green Lane, off Farringdon Rd
Doors: 10pm – 6am
Prices: £12 Advance
Tickets: // 08700 600100
Room 1:
The Chemical Brothers (Exclusive DJ set)
Nathan Detroit
Room 2:
Frank Tope
Butch Cassidy (The Platinum Finger) and the Sunblest Kids
JULY 2003


intelligence report 25.07.2003     "The Golden Path" DVD
"The Golden Path", which will be released on September 8th, will also be released as a DVD single, aswell as an audio CD release.
intelligence report 11.07.2003     Artwork for "Singles 93-03"
The cover artwork for the "Singles 93-03" has been revealed:

The Singles 93-03

intelligence report 10.07.2003     The Work Of Director Michel Gondry
Chemical Brothers fans may be interested in a DVD called "The Work Of Michel Gondry". Gondry is a renowned promotional video director, who directed videos for "Star Guitar" and "Let Forever Be" for the Chemical Brothers (which will be featured on the "Singles 93-03" DVD), as well as Bjork and Daft Punk among many others. Further information on the Gondry DVD can be found here.
intelligence report 10.07.2003     Chemical Brothers interview with Creamfields website
The Chemical Brothers have given an interview to the Creamfields website, in part to promote their DJ appearance at the UK dance music festival on August 23rd.  The full test of the interview can be found on Planet Dust, in the features section. In the interview, Tom Rowlands speaks about recent low-key appearances, the forthcoming "Singles 93-03" collection and their DJ sets.
intelligence report 10.07.2003     Tracklisting from "Singles 93-03" Announced ; Creamfields 2003 Appearance
The Chemical Brothers have announced the full tracklisting for their forthcoming singles collection, called "Singles 93-03". The album will be released on September 22nd 2003. Most of the Chems singles, except "It Began In Afrika", "Electrobank", "Music: Response" and "Life Is Sweet", will be included on the release. The tracklisting is as follows:

Song To The Siren   
Chemical Beats    
Leave Home   
Setting Sun   
Block Rockin' Beats   
Private Psychedelic Reel  
Hey Boy Hey Girl   
Let Forever Be   
Out Of Control    
Star Guitar    
The Test    
Get Yourself High
The Golden Path

"Get Yourself High" is a collaboration with Canadian rapper K-Os, and "The Golden Path" (which will be released as a single on September 8th to promote the singles collection) is a collaboration with The Flaming Lips. Early copies of the album will include a bonus second CD of rare and live tracks, as chosen by fans via the official Chemical Brothers website. The tracklisting is as follows:

Not Another Drugstore (Planet Nine Mix)
The Duke
If You Kling To Me I'll Klong to You
Otter Rock
Morning Lemon
Galaxy Bounce (Original Version)
Loops Of Fury
Elektrobank (Live FromThe Roxy,NYC,Nov 96)
Under the Influence (Mix 2)
Piku Playground (Live)

Planet Dust submitted a request to suggest "Morning Lemon" be included on the bonus CD, as it was voted by visitors to Planet Dust in December 2001 as the best "non album" Chemical Brothers track at that time.

In addition to the album, a DVD will be released on the same day, featuring many of The Chemical Brothers videos, such as "Star Guitar" and "Setting Sun".

The Chemical Brothers have also confirmed that they will be playing a DJ set at the Creamfields festival in the UK on August 23rd. 

JUNE 2003


intelligence report 21.06.2003     DJ Tour of US; Live Collaboration for Glastonbury? 
According to The Chemical Brothers' US record label, Astralwerks, The Chemical Brothers will be going to the US for a DJ club tour later in the year. Dates and venues have not yet been decided, but Astralwerks are encouraging American fans to email them with suggestions for cities to play.

As previously reported in Planet Dust, The Chemical Brothers have recorded a track with the Flaming Lips called "The Golden Path", which will be included on the forthcoming singles compilation. As both artists are playing at the Glastonbury Festival in the UK next weekend, The Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne, may perform "The Golden Path" live with the Chemical Brothers.

intelligence report 09.06.2003     Further news on The Flaming Lips & K-Os Collaborations
As reported in Planet Dust intelligence in January, The Chemical Brothers have been collaborating with The Flaming Lips. The new track, called "The Golden Path" will be included as one of the two new tracks on the "Singles 1993-03" album in September. Interviewed in Rolling Stone magazine, Tom Rowlands described the track as "psychedelic, up-tempo and emotional wide screen". "Wayne Coyne is really infectious," Ed Simons also told Rolling Stone. "He makes you feel really excited about the music. What he's done for us, the words, the song he's grafted on to our music, it's the next level of Chemical Brothers music - it's just really good."

The second new track which will appear on the singles collection is a collaboration with Canadian rapper K-Os, as reported previously in Planet Dust intelligence. The track with K-Os is as yet untitled. Tom also said in Rolling Stone "The two pieces of music we've made are easily amongst the two best pieces of music we've ever made. They're so different, but they seem to, in different ways, bring together lots of the ideas that we've had over the last ten years."
MAY 2003


intelligence report 30.05.2003     Chemical Brothers to play Glastonbury 2003
The Chemical Brothers have been confirmed as playing this year's Glastonbury festival in the UK. The Chemical Brothers are headlining the Dance Tent with a DJ set on Saturday 28th June 2003. The rest of the line up in the Dance Tent for the Glastonbury weekend is as follows:

Friday 27th

Fat Boy Slim

Xpress 2

Seb Fontaine

Audio Bullys

Plump DJs

Mint Royale

Soul Of Man

Future shock

Krafty Kuts


Saturday 28th

Chemical Brothers

Jon Carter

Jaques Lu Cont

2 Many DJ's (Soul Wax)


Erol Akan

Blak Twang



Felix B (Basement Jaxx)

Sunday 29th

The Streets

Scratch Perverts

The Roots

DJ Zinc and MC AD


DJ Marky and XRS - Live


Krust and Die present I-Kamanchi

Terry Walker

Sain Supa Crew

intelligence report 25.05.2003     Witnness Festival Appearance
WitnnessAs well as a possible Glastonbury appearance, The Chemical Brothers are rumoured to be playing at the Witnness Festival in Punchestown, Ireland, in July. The Chems appearance is not yet confirmed. Planet Dust has learned of their appearance from a source within MCD, the promoters. The Chemical Brothers were one of the headliners at last years festival.

Planet Dust is working to seek confirmation of their appearance at Witnness, as well as Glastonbury. Confirmation will be posted on Planet Dust intelligence as soon as possible.

intelligence report 19.05.2003     More details of The Chemical Brothers compilation album / Possible Glastonbury Appearance
More details have been made available about the Chemical Brothers compilation  album to be released later in the year.

The album will be a singles collection, entitled "The Singles 93-03", marking ten years of Chemical Brothers' singles. As well as containing all the Chems' singles from the last ten years, it will contain two new tracks plus a second disk will be included which will contain remixes and rare tracks from the period. Fans are being asked to submit suggestions for this extra disk. Submissions can be made via the official Chemical Brothers website. It will be released in September 2003 (exact date to be confirmed). 

The "Singles 93-03" will also be released on DVD, so fans will get a chance to see some of the classic videos made by the likes of Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry. Planet Dust is hoping that the brilliant, but rarely seen, "Out of Control" video will be included!

Also on the horizon is a new studio album from Tom and Ed, expected to be released in Summer 2004. 

Rumors are also circulating about a possible Chemical Brothers appearance at this years Glastonbury festival. The festival runs from June 27th to June 29th. The official line up won't be announced until Friday, 30th May 2003, when we will find out if the Chems are played for definate.
intelligence report 05.05.2003     Chemical Brothers Compilation Album Confirmed
According to their US record company, Astralwerks, The Chemical Brothers will this year release a compilation album. The compilation album will include two brand new tracks. The compilation has been in the pipeline for over a year, with Planet Dust originally publishing news of its release in April 2002.
MARCH 2003


intelligence report 24.03.2003     K-Os working with The Chemical Brothers
According to, The Chemical Bothers are to record with their American Astralwerks label mate k-os. They are to record a song together in a UK studio, when the Toronto hip-hop artist visits to support The Roots until April 3. The Chemical’s Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons decided to approach k-os on the basis of their liking his album ‘Exit’. Beats were sent to k-os, who then apparently took around two months to write a number of possible raps. The rapper has stated that he is exited about recording the track – provisionally titled ‘Black Mind State’ - which he has described as being very reminiscent of Afrika Bambaataa’s ‘Planet Rock’. It is not yet known in what form the song will be released. k-os, aka Kevin Brereton, usually performs live with just a guitarist and tabla player. As previously reported in Planet Dust intelligence, The Chems are also working with The Flaming Lips for the same album.
intelligence report 12.03.2003     Chems to DJ at Fabric
The Chemical Brothers will play a DJ set at London's Fabric club on Friday May 16th. Although the details are not yet listed on the Fabric website, the website is worth checking out for info on the club. 
intelligence report 11.03.2003     Chemical Brothers to DJ live at Homelands
Homelands 2003The Chemical Brothers are to play a DJ set at the 2003 Homelands festival in May. 

The festival, which takes place in Hampshire, UK on May 24th, will also feature Cassius and Audio Bullys. 

Full details available on the official Homelands 2003 website, and full lineup confirmed so far on flier, left.



intelligence report 29.01.2003     Chemical Brothers to collaborate with The Flaming Lips
The Flaming LipsThe Chemical Brothers are currently in the studio, working on new tracks. Progress is good, Tom Rowlands tells Planet Dust. Tom also tells Planet Dust exclusively that the Chems are also going to collaborate with The Flaming Lips on new material. 

The Flaming Lips
are from Oklahoma, in the US. They have won a reputation in the 80s and 90s for their discordant, psychedelia-tinged garage rock, and have recorded a fine body of off-kilter and unpredictable work. There most recent albums "The Soft Bulletin" and "Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots" have been acclaimed by many music lovers. This will be the first time Tom and Ed have teamed up with The Flaming Lips, and the collaboration is a very exciting prospect for fans of both groups.