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intelligence report 21.12.2001     Chemical Brothers Announce Australian & NZ Live Dates, "Star Guitar" DVD and February Glint Session.
The Chemical Brothers have announced more dates on their forthcoming tour to promote the "Come With Us" album. The Australian and New Zealand dates are as follows (thanks Chem Keith for info):

Saturday, March 2nd, Festival Hall, Melbourne, Australia
Monday, March 4th, Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia
Wednesday, March 6th, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia
Sunday, March 10th, North Shore Entertainment Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.

"Star Guitar", which is being released as a single on January 14th, will now also be released as a DVD single, featuring the already acclaimed video directed by Michel Gondry. The tracklisting on the DVD single is as follows:

1. Star Guitar (Edit) (Video)
2. Star Guitar
3. Star Guitar (Pete Heller's 303 Dub)

The Chemical Brothers will again be DJing at Bugged Out meets Boutique at Heaven, London, on Friday, February 1st. The following is from the Bugged Out meets Boutique press release:

The Chemical Brothers will be taking over legendary acid house haven The Soundshaft all night to host their cult "Glint" club. Tom and Ed will be playing a special 4 hour Glint set alongside their cohorts Nathan Detroit and Adam and Noah who usually provide the visuals at the Chemical live shows as Vegetable Vision. This rocked the bells in December, catch 'em getting Glint again before they head off on tour in support of their fourth album "Come With Us".

intelligence report 14.12.2001     "Star Guitar" Video & "Come With Us" Listening Party
The promotional video for "Star Guitar" is now available, and has begun to receive airplay on MTV. The video is directed by Michel Gondry, which is shot from the perspective of a passenger on a train journey, looking out through the window at the passing scenery. Gondry also directed the video for "Let Forever Be", and whose other video production credits include Bjork (several), Stardust ("Music Sounds Better With You") and Daft Punk ("Around The World").

Despite being reported earlier in Planet Dust Intelligence that the Chemical Brothers gave Gondry a brief to come up with a video similar to "Around The World", Tom Rowlands tells Planet Dust "there was no request for Michel to 'make one like d.p', it would be kind of an insult to someone as creative as him to just make a copy of his earlier work! We work with Michel cause he always has fresh ideas, like "Let Forever Be", that's the point!"

As well as getting airplay on MTV,  the music video is available to view here on Planet Dust. To view, click here . Windows Media Player required to view stream.

Virgin records are hosting a listening party on December 19th in London. Virgin Records have made a small number of passes available to fans. Check out the Chemical Brothers official website to apply for one of the five sets. NME also have a further ten sets of tickets available for fans. Go to to apply for these tickets. 

intelligence report 08.12.2001     Chemical Brothers DJ at London's Heaven, also play DJ set  in Japan.
The Chemical Brothers played an extended "Glint" set at London's Heaven club, as part of Bugged Out! Meets The Boutique last night, Friday. The Brothers were DJ'ing in the Soundshaft room at Heaven, which ha a capacity of about 450 people. Tunes dropped by the Chems included Davy Dex's classic 'Get on Down'. As the night progressed, 'Come With Us' was played, and then into 'Song To The Siren'. Also played were Kittens & Muzak, The Jag, Kahuna mix of Animated's 'Grab The Rope' & 'Hayling', 'House Nation'. Towards the end of their set, The Chemical Brothers spun "Star Guitar" into "The Test". Next came "Chemical Beats", and the Brothers stayed in the DJ booth along with Nathan Detroit until about 5.30am.

Thanks to Mike Wilcox for report. See Mike's full review in Planet Dust features. 

Also, The Chemical Brothers played a low key DJ set in a small club in Tokyo, Japan last week, to just 300 people. More info about the set to follow on Planet Dust.

intelligence report 07.12.2001     UK Live Dates Announced
The Chemical Brothers have announced several more dates for their live tour to promote "Come With Us", this time in the UK. The Dates are as follows:

Monday March 18th - Birmingham Academy
Tuesday March 19th - Portsmouth Guildhall
Thursday March 20th - Manchester Apollo
Friday March 21st - Brixton Academy
Saturday March 22nd - Brixton Academy  

intelligence report 04.12.2001     European Live Dates Announced
The Chemical Brothers have announced a 2002 European Tour to promote their new album "Come With Us". The dates and venues are as follows:

Friday March 29th - Paris; Zenith
Saturday March 30th - Amsterdam; Heineken Hall
Monday April 1st - Koln; Palladium
Tuesday 2nd April - Offenback; Stadhalle
Wednesday 3rd April - Munich; Zenith
Thursday 4th April - Milan; Palavobis
Saturday 6th April - Barcelona; Pavello Olimpic
Sunday 7th April - Madrid; La Cubierta



intelligence report 30.11.2001     Chems add second venue to New Year's Eve schedule, plus news of Spanish live dates.
The Chemical Brothers are going to play a DJ set at London's The Social, in Little Portland Street, London W1, on New Year's Eve. The set is part of a BBC Radio 1 Evening Session NYE show. The Chemical Brothers will be DJ'ing from around 9.00pm until 10.30pm. The set will also be broadcast live on BBC Radio 1. Also on the same bill are The Scratch Perverts, FC Kahuna, Soul Jazz Soundsystem, The Psychonauts and The Admiralty Club. After the radio set, The Chemical Brothers will  head to Turnmills, also in London, for a 3 hour set beginning at midnight, as previously reported in Planet Dust intelligence.  

The Chemical Brothers are also confirmed as playing live in Spain on April 6th & 7th. The dates will form part of a full tour to promote the forthcoming "Come With Us" album. 

intelligence report 21.11.2001     "Star Guitar" tracklisting
The tracklisting for the "Star Guitar" single has been announced. The full CD & 12" tracklisting is as follows, which includes the Pete Heller remixes as previously reported on Planet Dust intelligence:

1. STAR GUITAR (edit)
2. STAR GUITAR (6:55)
5. BASE 6.

A1. STAR GUITAR (6:55)
A2. BASE 6

The single will be released on 14th January 2002.

intelligence report 17.11.2001     Brighton & London Boutique Dates Announced
The Chemical Brothers will play a 4 hour "Glint" set at London's Heaven club, as part of Bugged Out! Meets The Boutique, on Friday 7th December. The Chems will also play a set at the Boutique's XMas Knees Up, on 21st December 2001, along with Fatboy Slim and ErolAlkan. For more details see the Boutique website , and the Bugged Out! website .
intelligence report 13.11.2001     "Star Guitar" B-Side

The B-side to the "Star Guitar" single, which is being released on January 14th, will be called "Base 6". 

intelligence report 07.11.2001     Chems New Year's Eve Gig; OutKast Collaboration; Eve Collaboration  

The Chemical Brothers have confirmed they are playing a 3 hour set on New Years Eve, at Turnmills, London. Also playing the venue on the same night will be Tall Paul, Norman Jay and CJ Mackintosh. The Chems will play from midnight until 3am.

Also today, according to a report in NME , The Chemical Brothers approached Outcast to rap/perform on the new Chems album, "Come With Us". However, around the same time, Outcast started to become a lot more popular, and couldn't get time to work on any tracks for The Chemical Brothers. Ed Simmons, speaking to MTV News said that the Chems send Outcast some rough mixes to work with. Ed is quoted by NME as saying "When we were working on 'Come With Us', we sent a couple of the tracks to OutKast to see if they wanted to do something with us. They said they were quite into the music we sent them, but then they blew up and became more massive. But maybe that's something for the future."

The Chems have recruited Eve however, who sings on a version of "Hot Acid Rhythm". The original of "Hot Acid Rhythm" appeared on the recent "It Began In Afrika" single as the b side. The new version with Eve is likely to be used on a future single release as an extra track.

intelligence report 03.11.2001     Pete Heller Remixes "Star Guitar"

Pete Heller has remixed "Star Guitar" for The Chemical Brothers. As previously reported in Planet Dust intelligence, "Star Guitar" will be released as a single on January 14th, two weeks before the new album is released. 

intelligence report 02.11.2001     Chemical Brothers play New York DJ set
The Chemical Brothers play a DJ set in New York's Centro-Fly. Tracks played include "It Began In Afrika", "Star Guitar", "The State We're In", "In Dust We Trust" and "Hey Boy Hey Girl" as well as a bunch of stuff by other artists.




intelligence report 29102001     New Chemical Brothers Single Details

The Chemical Brothers' new single will be titled "Star Guitar" and will be released on January 14 in the UK The track is the second from
their forthcoming album "Come With Us." The album release is set for January 28.

intelligence report 25102001     New Chemical Brothers Album Details

The new Chemical Brothers album is called "Come With Us". It will be released on 28th January 2002. As expected, it will contain tracks recorded with Richard Ashcroft ("The Test") and Beth Orton ("The State We Were In"). Full tracklisting is as follows:
1- 'Come With Us'
2 - 'It Began In Afrika'
3 - 'Galaxy Bounce'
4 - 'Star Guitar'
5 - 'Hoops'
6 - 'My Elastic Eye'
7 - 'The State Were In'
8 - 'Denmark'
9 - 'Pioneer Skies'
10 - 'The Test'
The versions of "It Began In Afrika" and "Galaxy Bounce" differ from the versions released already this year. Full review to follow on Planet Dust shortly.
intelligence report 24102001     Chemical Brothers VS New Order EP

New Order  will release an EP next year called New Order Vs. Chemical Brothers, a collaboration with the popular electronic duo. According to other sources, the tracklisting would contain 2 mixes of Here To Stay, a remix and some bonus beats, plus 2 new other unreleased songs from New Order. It's also said that Stephen Morris is working on a remix of the song.
intelligence report 21102001     Mixmag Preview of new Album

Mixmag this month prints an interview with The Chemical Brothers, which sheds some more light on the new album. Full text of the article below:

"Well there's a lot of munting galloping dance music," says Tom, "because munting galloping dance music is at the core of what we do, but there are also some very beautiful sublime moments." Tom Rowlands, one half of the CBs, is one day out of the studio and unsure how to describe the new album, working title 'Chemical 4', that he has just finished with Ed Simons "We haven't quite worked out what it is yet," he says, "but we think it's exciting. The CD seems so small after all that time, but it feels great. "For both Ed and I, our whole lives for the last year and a half are wrapped up in that album. It's how we express ourselves, so anything that happened personally or musically is in there. "While making it we had a two month obsession with Talking Heads. I only remembered that when I heard the one tiny sound on the album remaining from that Talking Heads phase. But that's how it goes."

Come With Us
"This starts off the album. I love it. It's got a huge intro with a spoken bit from a sample we found. It's very dramatic and one of the toughest breaks we've broken for a while - a proper back-to-the-dancefloor number."

It Began In Afrika
We've re-jigged this for the album. We first made the track to DJ with after getting into disco percussion records like 'The Break' by Kat Mandu. We tried to mix that percussive explosion with some acidy sounds into a bite size chunk.

Star Guitar
A very beautiful track but with a certain toughness too. We played a rough version at Creamfields in Ireland and it was one of those lovely ecstatic moments. It has this amazing morphing section where the track turns inside out.

Untitled feat. Beth Orton
It's great working with Beth. She's got the most beautiful voice and you can speak to her about things as a friend rather than just musician to musician. We're doing some stuff on her new album too. This track's one of my favourites.

Untitled feat. Richard Ashcroft
Working with Richard was inspiring. It was the most passionate thing I had ever seen in a studio. Ed and I looked at each other and went, 'Oh My God'. It closes the album, because it's a real huge and epic one.

Tom on The Whole Album
It takes you into it's own world. Muscular and funky would be good words to describe it - but then it goes off in a completely different direction in the middle. For Ed and I the key thing is to put on a record and turn around and go 'Woah!'.

intelligence report 20102001     New York Gig Announced
The Chemical Brothers have announced they are play a set in New York's CentroFly, on November 2nd, at 10pm.




intelligence report 18092001     Chemicals Fluke A Hit!

"Chemicals Fluke A Hit" - this news article appeared in dotmusic today: 

The Chemical Brothers have a hit on their hands that they never even intended. 'It Began In Afrika' was a hit across clubland, especially the recent Creamfields festival, before it was planned as a single. The track was given to a few of Tom and Ed Chemical's mates. Those mates, mostly A-list British DJs, played it to a rapturous response from clubbers. Such was the pressure on the pair that they released it as a single, going straight in at number 8 this week, well above the Dido and Manic Street Preachers' new entries. The Chemicals are now finishing off their album, due next year, but they do have something else up their sleeve in the meantime. "We've got another song called 'Star Guitar' and we're gonna do the same again - ie give it to some DJs for Christmas!," they told Radio 1. "You have to attach singles to albums but you don't know what will work. With 'Afrika' we didn't make a video or make a fuss - it was just there."

intelligence report 17092001     "It Began In Afrika" Enters UK charts

"It Began in Afrika" enters the UK charts at an impressive Number 8. This is all the more impressive considering no promotional video was made for the track. However, Planet Dust expects "It Began In Afrika" to fall quite significantly next week. Tom and Ed also tell the BBC today that it was never even supposed to be released as a single. The duo also revealed during a short interview with BBC Radio 1 that "We've got another song called 'Star Guitar' and we're gonna do the same again - ie give it to some DJs for Christmas!, You have to attach singles to albums but you don't know what will work. With 'Afrika' we didn't make a video or make a fuss - it was just there."

intelligence report 10092001     "It Began In Afrika" Released Today

"It Began In Afrika" released today on CD single and 12", the first new Chemical Brothers single in 18 months.

intelligence report 06092001     New Album News

The Chemical Brothers new album now looks set to be completed on September 17th. A release date is still to be decided. Possibly looking at a 2002 release.

intelligence report 03092001     Fatboy Slim single released with Chemical Brothers Remix
Fatboy Slim's "Song for Shelter /Ya Mama" released today, including The Chemical Brothers remix of "Song for Shelter".




intelligence report 30082001     Chems on the Verge of Completing New Album

The Chemical Brothers are on the verge of completing their new album, reports the NME today. 9 tracks are apparently complete. As previously reported in Planet Dust intelligence, Richard Ashcroft is gusting on one track, and also Beth Orton, who appeared on both “Exit Planet Dust” and “Dig Your Own Hole”.

intelligence report 25082001     Chems Play Creamfields UK

The Chemical Brothers play the Creamfields UK festival in Liverpool, see image of Tom live at Creamfields below.

intelligence report 24082001     Chemical Brothers Play Essential Selection Mix on BBC Radio 1

The Chemical Brothers played an hour long DJ set on Pete Tong’s Essential Selection show on BBC Radio 1. The set lists includes some new Chems tracks, possibly from the new album. Full track listing was:

The Chemical Brothers - 'Untitled' (Freestyle Dust)
DJ Milo - 'Return Of The Original Art Form' (Mo Wax)
Impulsion - 'Unknown' (White Label)
The Chemical Brothers - 'Hey Riff' (Freestyle Dust)
Metro - 'Here For The Love' (Bassex)
Aphrohead - 'In The Dark We Live' (Bush)
Dan Robbins - 'DBD' (Junior)
Katmandu - 'The Break' (Unidisc)
The Chemical Brothers - 'It Began In Afrika' (Freestyle Dust/Virgin)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White Label)
Maw Feat Nas T & Denise - 'Work' (MAW Records)
Unknown - 'Unknown' (White Label)
DJ Sneak - 'Recycled Loops' (AV8)
Deskee - 'Kid Get Hype' (White Label)
S.U.A.D. - 'Lambourgini' (White Label)
Funk D'Void - 'Diabola' (Soma)
101 - 'Rock The Beat' (White Label)

intelligence report 21082001     New Album News
The Chemical Brothers are to return to the studio in early September to put the finishing touches to their new album, which is likely to include "It Began In Afrika".


JULY 2001


intelligence report 25072001     Details of  New Track for "Afrika" B-Side  

The B-side to "It Began in Afrika" will be a track called "Hot Acid Rhythm 1". According to an Astrelwerks press release (The Chems' label in the US) the track is an electro-rasta acid trip that will remind you why a Chems B-side could easily be an A-side and is the perfect partner to "Afrika...". "Africa" is being released in the US on September 11th, a day later than Ireland & UK. The cover of the single is as follows:

intelligence report 19072001     New Chemical Brothers Single Details

The Chemical Brothers have finally bowed to public pressure and demand, and will release "Africa" on September 10th as a limited edition single. This mainly down to the reaction in clubs when the track has been dropped. It was originally called "Electronic Battle Weapon 5", and only available on limited promos. This will be the second official Chems release this year, following "Galaxy Bounce" on the Tomb Raider Soundtrack.

intelligence report 27072001     Chemical Brothers Remix Fatboy Slim

The Chemical Brothers remix of Fatboy Slim's "Song For Shelter" will be released on September 10th, as part of the double A-side "Song For Shelter / Ya Mama" single. A sample of the remix can be heard at the Fatboy Slim site . Cover of the single is as follows:

intelligence report 13072001     Will "It Began In Afrika" Be Released?; Richard Ashcroft collaboration

this report from :

Although The Chemical Brothers are in the top ten of every dance chart you'd care to mention with It Began In Africa, it is still not yet clear whether or not it will be released. Reports in the media have suggested that the track, currently in the hands of a select few under the name Electronic Battleweapon 5, will be the first track from their work-in-progress album.

An official spokesperson for the duo, however, told Spaced that there's no official release on the cards. 'There's nothing planned yet. They're in the studio finishing the album and have just played Creamfields Ireland and Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem. Apart from that they won't be doing anything this year.'

They added that it's unlikely the album will be released this side of 2001. The only Chemicals tune which will see the light of day, however, will appear on the Tomb Raider soundtrack album, released later this month. A new track called Galaxy Bounce features.

Meanwhile, Richard Ashcroft, former Verve front man turned solo star, has contributed vocals to a new track by Tom & Ed Chemical. No news as yet whether or not it'll appear on their fourth, as-yet-untitled album. And in the meantime, look out for their remix of Fatboy Slim's Song For Shelter, a double A-side with Ya Mama to be released on September 3, plus their just announced headline slot at Creamfields UK on Saturday August 25.

intelligence report 10072001     Chemical Brothers Remix New Order

The Chemical Brothers have remixed "Cracking Up", a track from the forthcoming New Order album.

JUNE 2001


intelligence report 27062001     Chems Collaborate with Richard Ashcroft

The Chems are reported to have enlisted Richard Ashcroft to appear on a track which may feature on their new album. Speaking in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the dance duo said that Ashcroft was one of the vocalists on the as-yet-untitled new album, which according to Tom Rowlands, will "blow your mind". Speaking about progress on the new album, band member Ed Simons said: "(Last album) 'Surrender''s got great drums and it's got a front to it, but it's very much a head record. (The new) record is really a grit thing. The drums are tougher, and the bass really hits you in all the tracks." Band mate Tom Rowlands added: "The thing that really got us into making this record was just making it funky. Maybe nearer our earlier records - just a bit more funk and grit, a bit more spanking sound."

intelligence report 23062001     Chems Play Creamfields Ireland
The Chemical Brothers DJ at the Creamfields Ireland festival, Punchestown.


MAY 2001


intelligence report 26052001     Pete Tong Plays "Africa" promo on Essential Selection on BBC Radio 1

Pete Tong plays new Chemical Brothers track "Africa" on his Essential Selection radio show on BBC Radio 1. The limited promo looks like:

intelligence report 14052001     "Galaxy Bounce" on Audiogalaxy

"Galaxy Bounce" has now found its way onto Audiogalaxy, the internet file sharing system..

intelligence report 14052001     Chems To Play Gatecrasher Summer Sound System  

Report from :  

Dance duo the Chemical Brothers have announced that they will be headlining Gatecrasher's Summer Sound System next month, and it'll be their only UK festival appearance. The event is set to take place on June 16th at Turweston Aerodrome in Oxfordshire and will now play host to 50,000 revellers instead of the planned 40,000. Tom and Ed will top the bill in the Chemical Generation Arena, which is only one of the 10 arenas making up the event. It's likely that the pair will premiere new material from their forthcoming, but still untitled, long-player. As well as a live stage, which will include performances from the likes of Craig David, OutKast and Morcheeba, there will be the Gatecrasher Arena, Twilo Progressive Arena, Legends Of The Dark Black Arena and the Radio 1 Outdoor Soundstage to name just a few. Other superstar DJs lined up to play include Paul Oakenfold, Roger Sanchez, Artful Dodger, Roni Size, Pete Tong, Carl Cox, MJ Cole, Gilles Peterson, Judge Jules and Seb Fontaine. The Chemical Brothers have spent a lot of hours ensconced in the studio recently, but did find some time to play at the Coachella Festival in California alongside a stellar line-up that included Iggy Pop, Fatboy Slim and Jane's Addiction.

intelligence report 01052001    Chemical Brothers Collaborating with Deep Dish

More rumours floating around about the new Chemical Brothers album. Mixmag are reporting that the Chems are collaborating with Deep Dish for a track on the new album. The album is being summed up as being "a more mellow, funked out vibe".

intelligence report 01052001     Sonicnet Chems News from Coachella
Sonicnet reports from Coachella today on the Chemical Brothers trying out new material, such as "It Began in Africa" and "Galaxy Bounce". According to Sonicnet, The Chemical Brothers are handing out promos to DJ's to intice them to play the new tracks in clubs, and judge how they are being received (nothing new in that!!). The report also quotes Tom Rowlands; "DJing for us is like how rock bands play acoustic — back to basics," Tom said. "One of the ways we look at it is it's a way to test out our music. You can hear something in the studio and say, 'Yeah, that's wicked.' Then you come out and play it and actually see what it means in real life." The Chems are again recording with guest vocalists, whom at the moment are a mystery. (See also )


APRIL 2001


intelligence report 30042001     Chems Album News / Fatboy Slim Remix

Reports suggest that Tom and Ed have at this time about 10 and 18 tracks in the works for their next album, which are close to completion. The album probably will see the light of day in 2001, but probably not until towards the end of the year. The bad news however is that it now looks as though the Chems remix of Fatboy Slim's "Song For Shelter" may not get released until close to or after the release of the Chems new album. It is thought this may be the case so as to ensure that the remix does not overshadow any new material the Chems release. The Chemical Brothers remix of "Song for Shelter" was originally due to be released as part of the "Star 69 / Weapon of Choice" pack from Fatboy Slim in April. However, "Star 69 / Weapon of Choice" has been released without any Chemical Brothers contribution.

intelligence report 29042001     Chemical Brothers Play Coachella Music Festival, California, USA

The Chemical Brothers play a DJ set at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, in Palm Springs, California, USA. The festival was attended by an estimated 35,000 people. 47 bands in total played, across 5 stages at the 12 hour festival. Other festival appearances came from the likes of Weezer, St. Germain, Sigur Ros, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Fatboy Slim and Jane’s Addiction. The Chemical Brothers came on stage immediately after Fatboy Slim. The Chemical Brothers set included the new track "It Began In Africa", which had previously been aired in New York with the Brothers DJ'ed at a U2 gig in December 2000. The new track is heavily percussion orientated. (see also Desert Sun.Com )

intelligence report 23042001     Chems Contribute to "Tomb Raider" Soundtrack

The Chemical Bothers have contributed a new track to the forthcoming "Tomb Raider" soundtrack. The track is called "Galaxy Bounce". The soundtrack will be released on 5th June 2001, with the actual film being released ten days later on 15th June. Other artists making contributions to the sound track include U2, Fatboy Slim, Leftfield and Grove Armada. It is not yet clear whether or not the "Galaxy Bounce" track will also appear on a single. The full album tracklisting is:

  1. U2 "Elevation" (Tomb Raider Mix)
  2. nine inch nails "Deep"
  3. The Chemical Brothers "Galaxy Bounce"
  4. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott f/Nelly Furtado "Get UR Freak On"
  5. OutKast "Speed Ballin'"
  6. Moby "Ain't Never Learned"
  7. BT "The Revolution"
  8. Delerium "Terra Firma" (Lara's Mix)
  9. Basement Jaxx "Where's Your Head At"
  10. Fatboy Slim f/Bootsy Collins "Illuminati"
  11. Fluke "Absurd"
  12. Leftfield "Song Of Life"
  13. Groove Armada "Edge Hill"
  14. Bosco "Satellite"
  15. Oxide & Neutrino "Devil's Nightmare"

Promos for the soundtrack should reach radio stations around mid-May, so expect "Galaxy Bounce" to start getting airplay around then. (see also Electra Records Tomb Raider site for more details. Audio samples of tracks from the album will also appear on the Electra site soon). Electra advert for the soundtrack:

Tomb Raider



intelligence report 14122000     Chemical Brothers Play New "It Began In Africa" Track in New York

MTV reports that the Chemical Brothers aired one of their new tracks "It Began in Africa" at their New York DJ gigs supporting U2. According to Tom Rowlands the new track is described as having "quite a lot of percussion, big, sweeping sort of stuff. Live conga playing, quite spaced out. It's like Body & Soul, but really, really hard and twisted, it's like high-impact, full-on, but with more organic sounds, and quite intense, without the good vibe." (Click here for full report)