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The Future of Planet Dust - Special Notice - Your Help Needed!
As recent visitors to the Planet Dust site will have no doubt noticed, there has been very little activity on the site over the course of 2005. This is a pity, as 2005 has been an exciting time for The Chemical Brothers, with a brilliant return to form for the Brothers, with an excellent "Push The Button" album and a superb live show.

Unfortunately, due to personal commitments, I have been unable to keep Planet Dust up to date, and maintain it as a key Chemical Brothers resource on the web. I regret this, as I still regularly get email from Chemical Brothers fans all over the world with items or bits of news to contribute to the site.

I am unlikely to be able to update the site on a regular basis again any time soon due to the same personal commitments, but it would be a serious shame to leave Planet Dust fall into neglect. There is too much significant Chems content on the site to let it just stay static.

What I would like to do it get another Chems fan(s) involved in the day to day (or at least week to week) running of the site. This would involve keeping the discography up to date (it hasn't been updated since early 2005), putting any Chems news into Intelligence and any other relevant features they feel would improve the content on the site. They would have a pretty much free editorial reign regarding updating the existing sections of the website, but I would still be involved in any significant changes proposed for the site (however, I would view any proposals for exciting and beneficial changes as most defiantly positive!). The beauty of the internet is that any proposed colabroator(s) doesn't have to be based here in Ireland, but can be anywhere in the world. I know from the many emails I have received over the years that Planet Dust has been in existence that there are many Planet Dust visitors all over the world.

Do you think you would like to get involved in the running of Planet Dust? Are you a big Chemical Brothers fan and have experience in running websites? Would you have the free time to help out? If you think you would be interested, email me at us with why you would like to get involved, what you would like to do or change or improve the website and what skills/experience you have which would be useful, plus a bit of background on yourself.

Please note, working on Planet Dust is a completely voluntary task. I have never received any payment for running it, and one of the early decisions I made when producing the site was that I would not put sponsorship on the site. There are some running costs which are low enough which I absorb.

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