Electronic Battle Weapon 5

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Released 10th September 2001
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UK 12" Promo
Freestyle Dust, CHEMSTDJ12
 01 Electronic Battle Weapon 5 It Began In Afrika  (9:50)
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The Electronic Battle Weapons are a series of promo only releases by The Chemical Brothers. EBW5 was only distributed to a limited number of DJ's to test out in clubs in early 2001. However,  as  the Summer of 2001 progressed, the track built up such hype in the clubs that The Chemical Brothers decided to give it a full release. The full release reached Number 8 in the UK singles charts. "It Began In Afrika" was later featured on the "Come With Us" album.

The "It Began In Afrika" sample which the track is based around is from a track called "Drumbeat" by Jim Ingram.