Thanks to the following for  their contributions to Planet Dust:

Taras Young, UK (images of promo sleeves)
check out Taras' brilliant Super Furry Animals site at www.

Mia Hill, US (review of Coachella 2001 & 2002, Audiotistic 2003 and "my first time" feature)

John Allsopp, UK (review of Chems live at Sheffield Octagon, 1999, and "my first time" feature)

Sue Horton, Australia (ticket stub of Chems gig in Sydney, Australia, 2000)

Mr. Ed (suggestions/info on Vegetable Vision)

sq8r, UK (images of Naked Under Leather DJs)

jon (addition to discography - St Etienne - Like A Motorway)

plasticefx (review of "Afrika")

chem keith, Australia ("my first time" feature, and review of Big Day Out 2000)

generation 3k, US ("my first time" feature)

Sawyer Denning, US ("my first time" feature)

Mike Wilcox, UK (review of Glint set, December 2001)

Alexender Krasnikov, Russia  (scans of several promo sleeves; extra promo details for discography)

Chiry, Madrid, Spain (scans Benicassim Festival 1999 of poster and ticket stub, also sleeve cover image of "Come With Us")

David V, Barcelona, Spain (scans on 96, 97 & 98 Benicassim Festival Posters, and 1999 Barcelona Chems gig ticket; also review of "Come With Us" launch party, and photos)

Darren Price (Desktop Wallpaper files)
check out Darren's excellent custom Wallpaper site at

Toxic, Netherlands (Lowlands Festival scans, "Song to the Siren" sleeve scans & Amsterdam gig news)

Jeff Ingram, (EBW scans & info)

Stuart Campbell, Australia (flyer for Aus/NZ tour 2002)

Chakaiuu, USA ("My First Time" feature)

Liam, Brisbane, Australia (setlist from March 2002 Brisbane gig)

Ivan Vukovic, Auckland, New Zealand (review of Chems gig in New Zealand, March 2002; news of "Big Day Out" 2005)

Apostolos, Greece (American EP, Exit Planet Dust / Dig Your Own Hole double pack info)

Rob King, UK (Ariel information)

Daniel Takahashi, Germany (Out Of Control Japan details)

Giuseppe Bua, Italy (desktop wallpapers)

Nick Wittering, UK (desktop wallpaper)

Peter Holm (Michel Gondry DVD news)

Arttu Salminen (desktop wallpaper)

Joslyn Dresen, Netherlands (Where Do I Begin promo details)

Christiaan Smeenk aka Toxic (Golden Path artwork, news of Chems playing Lowlands, Netherlands)

Chris Parkhill, UK (details of Japanese releases of "Singles 93-03" and "The Golden Path"

Ulisses Meneses, Mexico (Chems DJ set poster artwork from Mexico City)

Sunil Rampersad, California (Audiotistic festival details)

Arnaldo Ferrari, Paraguay (Chemical Brothers desktop wallpaper)

Brent S, USA (Discography amendments)

Peter Holm, Toronto, Canada (Discography amendments)

Luis Miguel Botelho, Portugal (Summer 2004 festival info)

Nick Regaard ("Let It Slide" Promo CD details)

Stanton K. Payne II, Vermont, USA (details of Australian version of "Come With Us / The Test")

Andy, UK ("Slow" sample)

Mathias Mahler, Argentina (news of Chems Argentina & Chile dates)

Jacob Przybyla, Australia (news of Chems "Big Day Out" dates)

Richard Thomas, Portsmouth, UK (news of Chems at Creamfields, Glasto, Bugged  Out! and Turnmills)

Sergio Porro, Sao Paulo, Brazil (tracklisting and photos from October 2004 Sao Paulo gig)

Gabriel Alejandro Rojo, Buenos Aires, Argentina (review of Buenos Aires, October 2004 show)

Ramón Avendaño, Santiago, Chile (details of Chile show, October 2004)

Alejandro Jofre, Santiago, Chile (setlist and photos of Chile show, October 2004)

Fernando De Marco, Sao Paulo, Brazil (scan of Sao Paulo 2004 gig ticket)

Ludovic Charles, France (review of Rock En Seine gig, October 2004)

Rodrigo Carrasco Huerta, Santiago, Chile (amended setlist from Chile gig in October 2004)

Denis Verriere, Paris, France (news of Paris gig in 2005)

Ryne Cender, Canada (news of extra Japan date in 2005)

Michael, Germany (news of German live dates in 2005)

Stan Payne, Vermont, USA (Galvanize US CD track listing)