The Chemical Brothers Live, Pachaoutdoors, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Friday 22nd October 2004, by Gabriel Alejandro Rojo

The show was awesome, but way too short. During the third or fourth song of the set, it started to rain quite heavily. Apparently there was a problem because the Brothers stopped and left after "Star Guitar". Then after about 10 minutes they came back, but they played the last 2 songs of the set only, so they skipped "Setting Sun", "The Golden Path" and some of the new songs. It's a shame really, because they never come and the crowd response had been so great that we deserved the whole set, if not more. I want to think that they really had a problem with the equipment and that's why they shortened the set. The setlist was as follows:

Intro "Tomorrow Never Knows" Junior Parker loop
1. "Hey Boy Hey Girl"
2. "Get Yourself High"
3. "Music: Response"
4. "Block Rockin' Beats"
5. "Song To The Siren" Excerpts
6. "Come Inside"
7. "Under The Influence"
8. "It Doesn't Matter"
9. "Out Of Control"
10. "Temptation / Star Guitar"


11. "Got Glint?"
12. "The Private Psychedelic Reel"

Anyway, what they played was mind-blowing. The spectacular 1-2-3-4 of "Hey Boy Hey Girl", "Get Yourself High", "Music: Response" and "Block Rockin' Beats" turned everyone mad! 12,000 people jumping and singing along to "Hey Boy Hey Girl" can be the highlight of one's life. People even sang along to the "oooooohhh" noises during "Block Rockin' Beats". I think it was during this song that it started to rain, which was cool at first! It seemed to rain harder as the music got more intense. I thought they were going to be more serious, like most DJs, just looking down at their equipment and not moving. But they were really cheerful, they greeted the audience lots of times and smiled and danced a lot. "Get Yourself High" was more intense than the album version, and they practically didn't use the vocal track, except for the "Just get yourself high" part. "Star Guitar" was the night's highlight for me, though I can't believe I was the only clapping to the rythm of the beat. It was completely awesome, and it never seemed to finish, which was great. I sang to the top of my voice when the beats stopped and we heard the vocal track "You should feel what I'm feeling..."

After Star Guitar they left, but someone announced that they were going to come back, so we didn't worry. We moved to the side of the stage so that we would not get smashed during the remaining tracks. But when they started with the last tracks, I knew they had skipped part of the set. It's a shame really, but well, the show was amazing, and we got to hear "The Private Psychedelic Reel," best dance track ever.