Below is a collection of some good music sites which are worth checking out. If you have a site you would like to see listed mail us.

Chemical Brothers Related Links General Music Links is the official Chemical Brothers site, contains discography, news, live dates, interviews and competitions, worth checking out.

Invisible Agent is a website which provides a free platform for musicians, producers and DJs to host their media on the Internet. Since 2000 Invisible Agent have been building an eclectic collection of profound sounds, with inventive musical stylings, incorporating the infectious energy of new talent. Their aim is to become the premier electronic music site hosted and operated in Ireland.

The Chemical Brothers on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an excellent open source encyclopedia. The main body of the Chemical Brothers entry was written by the Planet Dust webmaster.

NME - One of the best sources of music news on the web.

All Back To Mine. A very interesting music series on the BBC World Service a few years ago included a programme on The Chemical Brothers. Find out more about their influences through the streaming interviews on the site.

Super Furry.Org - Really good SFA site from Taras Young, well worth checking out if you like the SFA.

The Chemical Brothers Russian website - One of the best Chemical Brothers sites on the net. You don't have to speak Russian but it will help!

Pitchfork Media - Excellent music site with news, features and reviews from all manner of artists.

Heavenly - This is an essential site to bookmark for any self respecting Chems fan. It is the official Heavenly site, which features a fantastic discography of all old Heavenly releases (The Chemical Brothers Live At The Social is featured), and Heavenly nights, including the legendary Heavenly Sunday Social. An absolute corker of a site. Brilliantly designed Underworld site. Excellent content including its own radio station. One of the best music-related websites on the net.

The Raft is a site from the Chemical Brothers' parent record company, Virgin Records. The site contains links to most of the artists signed to Virgin, plus news and happenings from those artists.

Tetra2000 is an excellent site by Darren Price which contains almost 1000 Windows Wallpaper files, including many Music related themes. Darren's Chemical Brothers wallpapers, which are available on Tetra 2000, are also available here on Plant Dust, in the downloads section.

Astralwerks is the Chemical Brothers' record label in the US.